Antique Coffee Grinders: Creating An Amazing Cup Of Coffee

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By David H. Urmann

Antique coffee grinders are traditional wooden boxes with propeller blades used for grinding coffee beans. It is a kitchen gadget that creates amazing cups for coffee lovers. More people are opting for the old-fashioned varieties of coffee grinders not only because of its durability but due to the unmatched flavor of coffee grounds it can produce.

Antique coffee grinders create a natural coarseness and aromatic flavor of coffee. It is used manually. Aside from this, it is made of wood with metal patterns and designs.

This kind of grinder takes more time before it can achieve finely grind coffee beans, yet it is definitely worth it. Moreover, it is an attractive kitchen dcor that showcases an important historical tradition of everyday coffee experiences.

Parker Nation coffee is the oldest regarded coffee grinder with a bronze finish. It was made in Connecticut, US and was formed in 1905. More antique coffee grinders are still in good quality and still being used.

There are many reasons why some coffee fanatics still go for the conventional way of grinding their coffee.


Antique coffee grinders are generally left unpainted because of the natural wood shine finish of its box. The handles along the sides are made from cast iron with intricate designs, for a more appealing look. A small door on the box upper portion is designed for the coffee beans. Grounded coffee falls to its bottom drawer or the collection box once the propeller turns. It is similar to vacuum coffee makers.

These grinders have 2 blades, namely; the disc blades and the cone-shaped blades. Disc blades grind faster and are more accurate compared to conical blades. Blade grinders have single blades that grind more finely and at very high speed.

Antique coffee grinders come in different shapes, sizes designs and blades. Traditional models that sit on top of kitchen counters have handles for grinding beans.

Wall mounted coffee grinders are rare but are exceptionally beautiful. Origins are noted to be of German or French descent. Designs include a porcelain face of a man and woman praying in the filed.

The 1920 design is sleek. It has clean lines running through its mill. Moreover, it favors the Art Deco design with a stylish look. Most models of antique coffee grinders are simple yet attractive.


This kind of coffee grinder hand grinds coffee beans in less than 2 minutes by using its handles. A finer grind of espresso would take a longer time, about 6 minutes.

Antique Burr Coffee Grinders grind coffee beans to more even sizes. A propeller needs to be turned in a clockwise manner as it grinds the beans. Then, it passes it onto the collection box. You can have a filter drip coffee when you turn it halfway in a clockwise motion. A grind for a French press should be turned in a anti-clockwise manner.

Antique coffee grinders are an attractive alternative to modern coffee grinders. They work more quietly compared to its electric counterparts. It provides freshly aromatic coffee grounds and does not overheat the coffee. The construction appears good and almost breakable.

Antique coffee grinders are easy to maintain. Aside from being dishwasher-friendly, its exteriors only need to be cleaned after every usage. Its drive shaft is made with nylon or brass bearings, not requiring any lubrication or maintenance.

Zero pH body soaps can be used for the exterior wood finishing. Avoid using high alkaline content soaps or dish washing solutions on woods.

Burrs can be cleaned with the use of 1/3 cup rice, and then grinding it. You can unscrew the burrs in order to get the remaining sediments from the grinder. Cleaning with a toothbrush is a much better option.

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