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Submitted by: Stewart Wrighter

Unfortunately, most people do not thing about hiring a commercial plumber until it is too late. They are faced with an emergency situation and have to call in whoever happens to be available when the need arises. If they had planned ahead, they would have not only gotten a better rate and known exactly who to contact, they might have avoided the problem all together. A commercial plumbing contractor might be able to spot an oncoming problem early and prevent it. This can save you a great deal of money and prevent you from having a middle of the night mishap.

To choose the right professional for you, begin by compiling a list of possibilities long before the services are needed. Speak with local friends and family, coworkers, and neighbors. If they suggest someone, this person should shoot right to the top of your list. If someone you trust is recommending somebody, there is a good chance you can have faith in their services. It is still important to follow up with a bit more research, but the hardest part of your search process might be finished.


Next, contact each of your top options. If you are using a recommendation, go ahead and set up an appointment with just this person. Once you know their rates and meet them, you can likely make your decision. If you started your search from scratch, choose a few to meet with. Have them look over your home, look for potential problems, and discuss their schedule. Ask how they handle emergencies and find out what their hourly rate is. Also ask about how they handle weekends, holidays, and middle of the night emergencies.

Do a little bit of background checking on the person you are thinking of choosing. Check reviews online and look for any reports filed with the Better Business Bureau. Understand that a few bad reports are probably not a big deal. Many people file reports for silly reasons and you might have a better experience. Look for patterns of negativity though. Do a lot of people report that items were stolen from their home? Do they all say the attitude of their service provider was bad? These patterns should raise a red flag. If you really loved the person when you met them, ask them about these bad reviews. Perhaps there were circumstances that caused bad reports. You can also ask the BBB how valid the reports are. They investigate and give the company a chance to respond, so find out what follow-up was done after a report was filed.

Finally, make your decision, but be flexible. If there were two people on your list, keep both numbers on hand. Always call your best choice first, but it is comforting to know you have a backup. The good news is you do not have to let the service provider know they are your first or second choice. When they are needed, you know they are there. Otherwise, you can live comfortably knowing you are prepared for an emergency.

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