Horses For Sale Advice On Buying A Youngster

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Horses for Sale – Advice on buying a Youngster


HorsewizardHorses for Sale: Make a list of your requirements when looking to buy a young horse. This minimises any time wasting. Always be realistic when shopping for a youngster, you must be realise you ability as a rider, are you experienced enough for a hotter type of horse or would a more calm horse be more suited to your capabilities, identify what you want to achieve with the horse, and the level you wish to compete at, and the amount of money you are prepared to spend, this will help you get focused on the right market of horses for sale. When viewing a horse for sale

that has tremendous potential it is likely that the horse may have a hotter nature, you need to weigh up the possibility that the horse could easily be too much for you to cope with and this could result in the horse being ridden by an experienced rider, perhaps your trainer, costing lots of money. Always be honest with yourself on your riding ability and do your homework about the type and breed of horse that you wish to bring on.


Breaking in a horse should not be underestimated and it is worth investing in a professional to do the job, as it is the basis to a horse’s education. A young horse requires a lot of handling so they are thoroughly used to having a rug, head collar, tack put on, their hooves picked up and groomed. This should be done from as early as possible so they are comfortable with these aspects before they are backed. When buying an ex race horse you need to remember they have been broken in very young and would benefit from being turned away for six months to mature. This again should not be underestimated as re schooling a horse is a very lengthy process. Analysis of the youngster’s temperament is key when viewing a young horse. This would determine whether they resist human contact and therefore may resist to learning. A quiet horse with a good nature would be ideal as they are likely to be more willing to learn. Youngsters can easily frighten their handlers as they are very green and spooky, however a young horse with a laid back, calm nature is less likely to be as spooky making the horse easier to handle in general. Try the horse out as much a possible as it is important to gauge whether you can establish trust with the animal to enable you to work in sync with each other. Take a qualified instructor with you when viewing the horse as they will give an honest opinion. Put the horse through as many different scenarios as possible, however if they are not used to hacking out alone then some slack can be given if the horse is young but do make sure that you take the horse away from any company to test its reaction. A vetting is vital to determine any underlying issues that may affect the horse’s potential. Conformation is important however it is vital that you invest between $200 and $650 to get the horse thoroughly checked by a vet. Use a reliable vet and if possible get your own vet to travel with you as they are more likely to be truthful. Remember finding a suitable youngster could take months so be patient and do not allow sellers to pressure you into buying the wrong horse for sale.

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