Quantum Dat 160 Backup Technology That Businesses Trust

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Quantum DAT-160 Backup Technology That Businesses Trust


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Business environment has revolutionized dramatically, businesses are now more dependent on computers for saving crucial business data like customers records, transaction details, financial records etc. This data is essential for efficient operations of business activity. But this data is vulnerable to numerous threats like virus attack, malware, spyware, natural disaster, power breakdown etc.

When computer is exposed to these threats it leads to computer failure which results in permanent loss of data. Permanent loss of data is a catastrophe which has negative impact on the business performance. Without the operational data, business would be unable to carry its day to day activities and task of recreating such vast amount of data is tedious, time consuming and requires manual labor.


Permanent loss of data is a completely avoidable disaster if a business is prepared to handle any such event. Every business that wants to secure and protect its data for longer period of time should invest in a reliable backup technology which will save a copy of essential business data in an offsite location which can be retrieved easily in case of any mishap.

Quantum is a brand trusted worldwide for providing wide range of IT products that not only deliver exceptional performance but are also reliable and economical. Quantum DAT-160 tape is the most preferred backup technology for data intensive businesses. These cartridges help business save time as it can process data at a shorter backup time of 50 gigabytes per hour. Such fast transfer rates increase business efficacy without causing any disruptions.

Quantum has designed these cartridges to perform under harsh working conditions and offer enhanced durability. It can store up to 80 GB of native data and with additional compression feature it can store 160 GB of compressed data. Massive storage capacity means business needs fewer cartridges to store large volumes of data. It offers smooth base film which extends its archival life.

Quantum MR-D6MQN-01, DAT160 backup tape improves data security and allows fast data archiving with high speed DAT-160 drives. These drives are energy efficient and can be integrated into complex IT infrastructures conveniently. Smooth base film ensures that customers receive exceptional recording efficiency and ensure seamless tape winding. It makes the whole process of reading and writing data very easy.

For enhanced flexibility these cartridges are compatible with both table top and internal models. Quantum realizes that today business face more space constraints and that is why it offers these drives in two sizes (5.25 inches and 3.5 inches). These drives also offer feature of backward compatibility which means it can read and write data from older generations of DDS4 and DDS5 tape technology.


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