byAlma Abell

Being in an overturned car is a terrifying experience. If the accident was caused by a texting teenager, then the injured person is entitled to damages. It doesn’t matter whether the teen meant to cause the accident, they were acting in a negligent manner. That means the injured person can file a Personal Injury Hampton VA, claim with the teen’s insurance company. The damages can cover the driver’s medical bills and lost wages. If the injured person is terrified to ride in a car, he may also be entitled to damages for emotional trauma.

It’s hard for an injured person to stay on top of a complicated Personal Injury Hampton VA, lawsuit. He won’t be familiar with the legal process and may not have the physical stamina to pursue it. Hiring a personal injury lawyer is a smart move. The lawyer will meet with the doctors to determine the total cost of the medical treatment. He will also review the amount of income the injured person lost due to the accident. If the injuries will never completely heal, the injured person is entitled to sufficient compensation to last for his lifetime. Click here for more details.

Insurance companies often balk at paying large settlements. They are in business to make money for their shareholders, not to help people injured in car crashes. Insurance company doctors may try and claim the injury was caused by a pre-existing condition. They may also minimize it and determine the injured person is able to return to work. The personal injury lawyer will bring in his own medical experts to show that this isn’t correct.

Injured people out of work and watching medical bills pile up may think they can’t afford this type of legal representation. However, lawyers take these cases on a contingency basis. They will be paid a percentage of any claim they win for their client. That ensures the poorest person can take on an insurance company and win. The lawyer puts up all the costs to negotiate a settlement or prepare for a trial. The Law Offices of Stephen L. is one of the law firms in Hampton, VA, that help injured motorists. Accident victims can contact him if they have any questions.