Buyer S Guide To Select The Best Suitable Travel Voltage Converters

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Buyer s Guide to Select the Best Suitable Travel Voltage Converters


Willian Bush

If you live in any country or an additional landmass, traveling abroad can posture issues when taking along electrical machines due to voltage contrasts in different nations as far and wide as possible.

The point when taking a broadened get-away, there are some electrical things you simply can\’t live without. Required things might incorporate electric cell chargers (for cells, computerized Polaroids, and other movable things), hairdryer, electric shaver, and radio, stylers, iron, VCR, and DVD player. Without a legitimate voltage match, you could for all time harm your electrical item when connecting it to a force source.

Comprehend Voltage Differences before You Go

It\’s a great thought to research voltage contrasts before traveling. A few nations have an in all cases standard of 110 volts while others have a standard voltage of two hundred twenty. For instance, North American nations and parts of South and Central America, the Pacific and Caribbean work on 110 volts. Different nations as far and wide as possible work on two hundred twenty volts, while a few nations have both 110 and 220 voltage.

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Provided that you\’re traveling from the United States (with a one hundred ten volt standard) to Europe, and the zone you want to visit just utilizes 220 volts, you will require a 110v to 220v voltage converter, likewise rang a stage voltage converter. Moreover, provided that you are traveling from a nation in Europe that has a 220 volt standard in the United States, you will require a two hundred twenty volt to one hundred ten volt voltage converter, or a step down voltage converter.

About Voltage Converter or Voltage Transformer

Voltage Converter: A voltage converter is a unit used to change over the voltage of a force source to make a functional and secure control supply. A different word regularly utilized for voltage converter is voltage transformer even though there are really contrasts between the two. A voltage transformer is for the most part greater in size and is configured for more extended, proceeded utilization. A voltage converter will normally either twofold or cut down the middle the voltage, yet a few converters can do both.

Voltage converters normally accompany cork end connectors that empower the transformation of the shape and size of the attachment\’s finished. The fitting connector might be utilized without the converter if no voltage transformation is wanted. It\’s a great thought to convey with you an assortment of fitting end connectors in light of the fact that a few nations have numerous distinctive sorts of outlets. For instance, a few zones don\’t utilize the even prong outlet that is utilized as a part of the United States.

Recurrence Gaps Cycle Mishaps

A few nations don\’t just have voltage contrasts, and yet recurrence (cycles for every second) contrasts. Numerous electrical machines are not influenced by this contrast; in any case, some are for example tickers, coffee producers, and other timed items. A clock, for example, may not keep time legitimately if there\’s a recurrence distinction. Likewise, it s not prescribed to utilize voltage transformers with high temperature making items for example steamers, modest electric warmers, or cafe warmers. A few inns preclude the utilization of certain electrical apparatuses, so check with the inn to make certain you can carry the things along.

VCR and DVD Voltage Converters

Assuming that you want to take along a VCR or DVD player, there are a few alternatives. You\’ll require a voltage converter with a generally normal movie or DVD players. There are, then again, inventive code free (locale free) DVD players that offer voltage proficiencies for 110 volts and 220 volts. These won\’t require a voltage converter in light of the fact that it s inherent. Remember that utilizing a voltage converter generally won\’t work if there are recurrence distinctions or organize distinctions with the gave TV set. Discover ahead of time if there will be issues so you can plan.

The point when purchasing a voltage converter or transformer, initially figure out what sort of transformation you will require venture up or venture down. Generally online hardware outlets offer numerous distinctive sorts of one lakh ten thousand two hundred twenty volt converters, transformers and cork connectors so you can effortlessly find competitive results when you travel.

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New Jersey apartment building collapses after explosion

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

An apartment building located in Bergenfield, New Jersey partially collapsed today around 9:30 a.m. EST. The collapse occurred after an explosion was heard and a cloud of smoke was said to be visible from nearby Manhattan.

“It was an apartment building, unknown origin for the explosion,” stated a police spokesperson located in the city. However, preliminary reports suggest that a gas line may have contributed to the explosion.

“Thirty families are going to be homeless throughout the holiday period,” said Sheriff Leo P. McGuire, referring to the number of families that the building houses. The apartment building appears to be three stories high and firefighters are still trying to put out fires.

According to news reports, at least two people have been hospitalized. Eyewitness March Chance had the following to add: “The building is in flames… and there are a lot of ambulances.”

Bush’s Katrina statement contradicted by emerging evidence

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Thursday, March 2, 2006

Recently emerging evidence seems to contradict a statement by United States President George W. Bush during Hurricane Katrina. He stated in an interview with ABC on September 1st that, “I don’t think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees”.

One of the first items to emerge, a video obtained by the Associated Press, shows footage of Bush during a video-conference received at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, on August 29, 2005, 19 hours before landfall of Hurricane Katrina. During the briefing, Director of the National Hurricane Center Max Mayfield warned, “I don’t think anyone can tell you with any confidence right now whether levees will be topped or not, but there is obviously a very, very great concern”.

In addition, Michael D. Brown, then director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), reported that he had spoken with President Bush twice in the morning and that the president was asking about reports that the levees had been breached.

Brown would state later on CNN that, “There’s no question in my mind he probably had those reports (about breaches in the levees), because we were feeding in the Homeland Security Operations Center, into the White House sit room, all of the information that we were getting. So he had to have had that information. Plus, I think the president knew from our earlier conversations that that was one of my concerns, that the levees could actually breach”.[1]

In July 2004, the Federal Emergency Management Agency completed an exercise called “Hurricane Pam”, which, dealt with the scenario of a direct hit on New Orleans by a hurricane with 120 mph winds (a Category 3). It resulted in “10 to 20 feet of water within the City of New Orleans,” according to January 24 congressional testimony by the president of the company that designed the Hurricane Pam exercise.[2]

A report FEMA sent to the White House Situation Room on August 29th, they cited death and destruction anticipated by the “Hurricane Pam” exercise and warned that Katrina was likely to be worse. “Exercise projection is exceeded by Hurricane Katrina real-life impacts,” they stated. Furthermore, “The potential for severe storm surge to overwhelm Lake Pontchartrain levees is the greatest concern for New Orleans. Any storm rated Category 4 on the Saffir-Simpson (hurricane) scale will likely lead to severe flooding and/or levee breaching. This could leave the New Orleans metro area submerged for weeks or months”.[3]

When the report was released, Hurricane Katrina was thought to be a Category 4 as of landfall (though after analysis, it’s power at landfall would be downgraded to a Category 3).[4]

White House officials previously clarified Bush’s earlier comment, saying that the president was referring to the hours after Katrina swept through and news reports as of August 30th suggested the city had “dodged a bullet”, which led to surprise when reports reached them of the levee breaches.[5][6] Contrasting this was the August 30th broadcast of NBC’s Today, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams reported at 7:05 a.m. ET, “There has been a huge development overnight … the historic French Quarter, dry last night and it is now filling with water. This is water from nearby Lake Pontchartrain; the levees failed overnight.”[7]

2006 U.S. Congressional Elections

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Wednesday, November 8, 2006


  • 1 Issues
  • 2 Campaigns turn nasty
  • 3 Polling Problems
  • 4 Summaries by state
  • 5 Alabama
  • 6 Alaska
  • 7 Arizona
  • 8 Arkansas
  • 9 California
  • 10 Colorado
  • 11 Connecticut
  • 12 Delaware
  • 13 Florida
  • 14 Georgia
  • 15 Hawaii
  • 16 Idaho
  • 17 Illinois
  • 18 Indiana
  • 19 Iowa
  • 20 Kansas
  • 21 Kentucky
  • 22 Louisiana
  • 23 Maine
  • 24 Maryland
  • 25 Massachusetts
  • 26 Michigan
  • 27 Minnesota
  • 28 Mississippi
  • 29 Missouri
  • 30 Montana
  • 31 Nebraska
  • 32 Nevada
  • 33 New Hampshire
  • 34 New Jersey
  • 35 New Mexico
  • 36 New York
  • 37 North Carolina
  • 38 North Dakota
  • 39 Ohio
  • 40 Oklahoma
  • 41 Oregon
  • 42 Pennsylvania
  • 43 Rhode Island
  • 44 South Carolina
  • 45 South Dakota
  • 46 Tennessee
  • 47 Texas
  • 48 Utah
  • 49 Vermont
  • 50 Virginia
  • 51 Washington
  • 52 West Virginia
  • 53 Wisconsin
  • 54 Wyoming
  • 55 American Samoa
  • 56 District of Columbia
  • 57 Guam
  • 58 Virgin Islands
  • 59 Sources

As of 10:00 p.m EST November 8, 2006, the Democratic Party is projected to have gained control of both the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate in the 2006 United States general elections. MSNBC projects that the Democrats now control 234 seats in the House of Representatives, 16 more seats than the 218 needed to control the House of Representatives as all 435 seats were up for election. In the Senate, where the balance of power is closer, one-third of all seats were up for grab. As of 10:00 p.m. EST, AP and Reuters were projecting that the Democrats had picked up all six seats they needed to retake the Senate, including the seats of incumbents Rick Santorum (Penn.), Lincoln Chafee (R.I.), Jim Talent (Missouri), Mike DeWine (Ohio), John Tester (Montana), and Jim Webb (VA). The Tester victory by less than 3,000 votes was projected at approximately 2 p.m. EST after the State of Montana announced the results of overnight recounts. Democrat Jim Webb has prevailed in that race by slightly more than 7,000 votes, though his opponent has not conceded and a recount may still occur.

Metal Sunscreen Fabrication Options To Enhance Your Commercial Building}

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Metal Sunscreen Fabrication Options to Enhance Your Commercial Building


Christy W. Maraone

Looking for ways to set your building apart? What if those enhancements could even save you money? Metal sunscreens not only add an element of design to any building facade, they also add many benefits to your building that may result in tremendous financial savings. They help reduce heat, glare and overall energy costs. They provide energy savings by minimizing direct solar gain through windows (requires less costly glazing) and reducing peak electricity demand. Studies also show that buildings utilizing these products increase worker productivity, lowers absenteeism and increases employee comfort. West Coast Metal Systems designs, fabricates, and ships quality horizontal and vertical metal sunscreens to anywhere in the western United States. We can also provide a variety of outrigger, blade, and attachment options for your unique aesthetic design. With in-house design and fabrication, we can produce custom products, at a fair price and deliver them in a fraction of the time of other fabricators.


Metal sunscreens are available with a variety of different blade options including flat, tube, ovals, round, square, crescent, tear-drop, perforated, rectangles, zee shape and “C” shape. Depending on the look and functionality you desire, West Coast Metal Systems can suggest a blade shape, size, and design appropriate for your project. With in-house design and fabrication, West Coast can create custom products at a fraction of the time and cost of other industry players.

Attachment Options

YouTube Preview Image

Metal sunscreens can attach to a variety of materials including wood structures, steel and masonry. Typical attachment options include expansion anchors through bolts, tapped and thread cutting fasteners as well as welded connections. West Coast Metal Systems will help you select the right attachment option for your sunscreen.

Fabrication Options

The metal sunscreen fabrication options at West Coast Metal Systems are virtually endless. West Coast can produce 12 inch to 10 foot cantilevers with rectangular and curved options in a wide variety of depths and sizes. From color and size to style and design, West Coast will provide you variety of fabrication options unmatched by anyone in the industry.

Design Customization

West Coasts metal sunscreens come with a variety of color and design customization options. West Coast can supply powder coating, kynar and anodize options to match whatever adjacent materials are required. West Coast Metal Systems provides limitless design customization options to meet all your sunscreen needs.

According to a 2007 D.O.E. Sun Control Study, Sunscreens can save up to 22% in total energy costs. Metal sunscreens make a functional and attractive addition to any building or residence and can save you money down the road. West Coast Metal Systems offers a wide range of horizontal and vertical sunscreens custom fitted for your design needs that can positively impact the energy efficiency and LEED classification of any building. West Coasts metal sunscreens are available in any size, color/finish blade, or mounting option. All sunscreens are fully customizable and engineered for each project. Since all sunscreens are designed and fabricated in house, West Coast Metal Systems offers the best lead times in the industry. No job is too large or too small. West Coast can cover all your metal sunscreen needs.

Architectural metal offers many benefits to your building and with so many quality products on the market, why not enhance its appearance for many years to come? West Coast Metal Systems is a one-stop shop for all your architectural metal needs. From rainscreen, flush caulk joint, dry seal, and composite metal panel infill systems to any type of sunscreen possible, West Coast Metal Systems can design, fabricate, and ship any product to your building, oftentimes at a fraction of the cost and time of other companies.

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Metal press crushes Illinois worker

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Friday, April 1, 2005

A resident of Schaumburg, Illinois in the (U.S.) was severely injured by an industrial punch press machine on Monday. He died an hour later.

Elk Grove Village police said William Naras, 48, was operating the machine at a local metal manufacturing plant when he became pinned by an I-beam, or metal arm, about 4 p.m. He was transported to Alexian Brothers Medical Center in Elk Grove Village where medics pronounced him dead at 4:51 p.m.

The death was ruled an industrial accident and reported to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, according to a spokesperson for the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

Presses of the type which killed Naras routinely develop pressures in the 80,000 pounds (40 tons) per square inch range, according to manufacturers’ Internet pages.

2008 Taste of Taiwan Cuisine features three shows for food and packaging industries

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Friday, June 20, 2008

The third annual Taste of Taiwan Cuisine opened on Wednesday of June 18, 2008 and runs until June 21. Organized by Taiwan External Trade Development Council to promote the culinary culture of Taiwan, the tradeshow featured three main shows for food and food packaging industries: “Food Taipei”, “Foodtech Taipei”, and “Taipei Pack”.

Twenty-seven countries including United States, South Korea, Canada, Japan, Sri Lanka, Austria, Philippines, Chile, Malaysia, Spain, Fiji, Poland, and six nations from Africa, grouped their own national pavilions for sourcing and procurement. In addition, the Taiwan Pavilion featured sections on culture, product image, brand design, and agriculture verification in Food Taipei.

Industrial solutions including medical applications, packaging machines, food CNCs, and bar-code printers are showcased in the “Foodtech Taipei” and “Taipei Pack”. Seminars and forums from security, global marketing, and policies for food, machinery, and packaging industries are also held during show hours.

After the 3-in-1 show in Taipei, the Kaohsiung International Food Show will be scheduled for November.

MMVAs handed out in Toronto, Canada; Wikinews was there

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Last night was the 2007 MuchMusic Video Awards in Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

MuchMusic is the most watched music channel in Canada, and has been holding the event since 1990. Roughly 6,000 fans line the streets surrounding Much headquarters each year, and 1,200 more score “the wristband” and enjoy a free festival-style show in the parking lot, watching four outdoor performance areas spread out in the downtown location. New this year was a special roof-top stage, on the top of the building. Finger Eleven performed on this stage, way above the crowds.

Other performers at the show were Avril Lavigne, Fergie, Billy Talent, Hilary Duff, Alexisonfire, Maroon 5, Belly, and The Used.

Presenters included Nickelback, Jay Manuel (Canada’s Next Top Model, America’s Next Top Model), Tara Reid (American Pie, this fall’s Land of Canaan), Joss Stone, Sum 41, Amber Tamblyn (Joan of Arcadia, Grudge 2), Hedley, Chris Bosh (Toronto Raptors), Sean Avery (New York Rangers), George, Sam Roberts, Emilie de Ravin (LOST), Marianas Trench, and Kardinal Offishall.

Among the awards up for grabs were four People’s Choice categories, which were open for text message (within Canada) or online ballots until the night of.


  • 1 And the winners were…
  • 2 Red carpet and press room pics
  • 3 FLICK OFF at Gift Lounge
  • 4 External links

Commercial Pecan Tree Orchard Production In The United States}

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More Detail Here:

Submitted by: Pat Malcolm

The pecan tree, Carya illinoinesis, is a native American tree that was known as a food item by the ancients as early as 3000 to 6000 BC, according to recent cave excavations unearthed by archaeologists in Texas. The pecan nut was widespread and used by the mid-American Indian tribes into other territories long before the arrival of the Mayflower. This thin shelled nut is easy to collect from underneath pecan trees after the nuts begin ripening in the fall, and the presence of the soft shell elevates the pecan attractiveness above the hard shell hickory nut or the walnut. The spicy sweet flavor of the kernel is exceptionally tasty if the nuts are eaten before temperature warmups during the late spring or early summer. Otherwise, the pecan nuts can retain their sweet flavor for years if frozen or kept in cold storage.

The native nuts of the pecan are quite variable in nut size and shell thinness. In the commercial trade, these native nuts of the pecan are called a seedling pecan. The size of these nuts can mature to the size of a rifle BB or may in some cultivars grow to the size of a 12 gauge shotgun shell. Large pecan nuts can number 40 to 50 per pound before shelling and some improved papershell pecan cultivars will shell out more than 50% kernel.

The pecan tree commercial production today is classified into two categories by buyers: seedling and cultivar. The seedling market brings a lower market price than the cultivar, because the kernel shell out is so unpredictable to the shelling plant buyer. The quality and shell thinness is also very variable for seedling pecan tree production.

YouTube Preview Image

Technically, the cultivar is actually a pecan seedling, but it is an outstanding seedling that is grafted or budded so that a large orchard of pecan trees can be grown with the nuts having a predictable outcome of the nut size, nut quality, disease resistance, thinness of shells, and many other desirable characteristics.

If a pecan tree is grown from a seed, regardless of whether the nut planted was a pecan seedling or a named pecan cultivar such as Stuart, Desirable, or Elliot, the pecan tree that grows from that seed will be unpredictable, insofar as the resulting pecan crop that is produced. The tree grown from such a sprouting seed may even be ultimately sterile and incapable of producing nuts at all. Pecan growers generally agree that only a grafted pecan tree should be planted in commercial orchards. There are orchards (groves) of wild pecan trees (seedling) harvested in Texas, but the inferior seedling trees were systematically removed over the years in order to make the nut growing operation profitable and to make room for exceptional seedling groves of native trees that bear large quantities of pecan nuts profitably.

Extensive collections of exceptional seedling pecan trees began in the 1800’s and grafting clones and the the naming of superior pecan cultivars such as Alley, Mobile, Schley, Columbia, and Russell began a frantic rush to establish and grow these pecan cultivars as commercial orchards. Most of the original cultivars that were profitable 100 years ago have been discontinued except for the Stuart and a few others, because better cultivars have been introduced and many of the old pecan cultivars have become susceptible to the attacks of fungi and insects, and some of the older cultivars tended to overbear that resulted in tree limb breakage or a shift to unpredictable, alternate year bearing so that some years no nuts were produced at all.

Because extensive literature has already been published in the past on cultivar descriptions and characteristics, this article will not discuss that topic except to say that only 8 to 10 cultivars of pecan trees are recommended today for planting in commercial orchards. Research by USDA scientists points to the fact that cultivars that were hybridized from Western pecan progeny are generally not grown satisfactorily in the South and the East, because of the high humidity and temperatures promote fungal and bacterial growth on leaf parts and nuts that drop off the trees prematurely. Mr. Louis D. Romberg of Texas performed numerous hybridizations of pecan nuts in the last mid-century, many of which were found to be highly productive in the Western States but unworthy in the South and East. The standard pecan tree cultivars that are grown in the South show good performance in the West where the humidity is low. Pecan trees are capable of intercrossing with hickory nuts, a close genetic relative, and the old Nelson and Columbia pecan cultivars were reported to be hybrid nuts of the pecan and hickory nut parents, called the Hican. The commercial hican cultivars of Pee Wee and Simpson hican are available to buy on mail order nursery websites. Other natural hybrid nuts that have resulted from intercrossing pecan nuts with hickory nuts have been reported in literature.

Other reported crosses of the pecan nut tree, Carya illinoinesnsis, with various other species of hickory nut trees have resulted in hybrid pecans of water hickory, Carya aquatica; Shellbark hickory, Carya ovata. It is not clear what specific species, shagbark or hickory, or shellbark hickory was crossed with the pecan that resulted in the present day 2 cultivars of hican nut trees.

It is not unreasonable to assume that pecan, Carya illinoinensis, could also by hybridized with two wild species of hickory trees, the Mockernut Hickory tree, Carya tomentosa and the Pignut Hickory tree, Carya glabra. Various rootstocks of the Juglans and Carya genus have been found to be compatible with grafts of the pecan budwood. Various species of walnut trees of the genus, Juglans and the genus, Carya to include hickories have been successfully used to dwarf pecan trees, but most pecan nursery operations today only use rootstock obtained from planting pecan seed from cultivars such as Moore and Curtis.

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Wikinews interviews Tom Millican, independent candidate for US President

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

While nearly all cover of the 2008 Presidential election has focused on the Democratic and Republican candidates, the race for the White House also includes independents and third party candidates. These parties represent a variety of views that may not be acknowledged by the major party platforms.

As a non-partisan news source, Wikinews has impartially reached out to these candidates, throughout the campaign. The most recent of our interviews is North Carolina, Tom Millican, an independent corporate manager and Vietnam veteran.